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Have you ever been stuck? If so, you know how frustrating it can be. However, spinning your wheels in a vehicle, buried in the mud, barely compares to a life that has lost traction. A few years ago, both authors found ourselves wondering if we were still on the right career path. The malaise might as well have been mud. Many days felt hopeless as we struggled through the mundane monotony with little hope of renewal at work. Admittedly, there were times that being stuck at work also affected other areas of our lives.

Looking back, we could have settled for the status quo and stayed stuck. Many people make that choice. How about you? Do you feel trapped in a dead end job, dreading the drudgery of work? Are you merely going through the motions in your relationships with those who matter most? Are you mired in a habit you need to break? If you answered Yes to any of those, we have good news. You can become UNSTUCK. A fulfilling and significant career is still possible. Your most important relationships can again be life-giving and bring you joy. And your life can experience transformation as you leave destructive habits behind and redirect toward growth.

When bogged down, the inclination is to grind it out and try harder. But if you have ever been stuck, you know that pushing the accelerator only buries you deeper in the muck. After discovering that trying harder doesn’t work, the temptation can shift to trying less and choosing to disengage. Trying less may feel easier, but it still fails to create progress. The only thing that helps when you are stuck is traction.

Thankfully, we both were eventually able to become UNSTUCK and find renewal in work and life. How did we do it? By applying the principles you will discover in the book and the accompanying UNSTUCK Field Guide.

After you enjoy the story and work the process you will be positioned to experience fresh hope, real momentum, meaningful work, and vibrant relationships just like we both continue to do.

Its time for YOU to get UNSTUCK!